More Good Karma From Scott Salomon.

Hey I don't like this headline:

South Florida Lawyer Misrepresentation Causes Jacksonville Family to Lose Home

Who could allegedly be responsible for this?

Of course:

"We lost our home, our business; we lost everything," she said.

Dasilva and her husband bought a house in Coral Springs, Fla. In 2003; after eight years there, they decided to refinance to reduce their mortgage rate from 10.5 percent. They went to Scott Alan Salomon, an acquaintance.

"He is the godfather to my youngest granddaughter," said Dasilva.

Salomon, a lawyer and the owner of the Platinum Title Company, was able to secure a new mortgage for $166 thousand, but 90 days later Dasilva received a message from her old mortgage company that she was behind.

"So I called them and said, 'I don't have a mortgage with you anymore, we refinanced'. She said, 'we don't know anything about that'. I said 'maybe you should call my lawyer'," said Dasliva.

"She said, 'no, maybe you should call your lawyer.'"

The Dasilvas eventually lost their home to foreclosure. "He did not pay off our first mortgage," she added.
"(It was the) biggest mistake in my life...I felt sick."
You can read more about Scott's exploits here, here, and here or you can visit him yourself at the federal detention center downtown.

(Hey, at least he's got a home.)


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  2. He got me for 5k plus never filed my 80k lawsuit for pay that was owed to me. Did they ever cease any assetts for the victims?

  3. I lost 80,0000 from that creep and no he never has to pay a dime back to the victims...he got away Scott free LOL I hate him and Karma will get him.

  4. he doesn't have a assests he spent every penny on himself. The florida bar did nothing. He has many victims who lost everything including children. He will never practice law again he working for an attorney though in Ft Lauderdale some woman how dare she hire him.


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