Peter Tictkin Discovers Meaning of Irony.

Peter Ticktin, who recently came under fire for placing mortgages on his clients' homes as payment for saving those very homes from foreclosure, is himself facing foreclosure of his own home:
Deutsche Bank National began foreclosure proceedings on Ticktin's Boca Raton home in 2007 after the lawyer and his wife fell behind on their loan. The couple haven't made a mortgage payment since December 2006 and continues to live in the home 3,920-square-foot house in Paradise Palms.

Ticktin has fought Deutsche Bank using the same strategy that he's been able to use for his clients: uncovering sloppy paperwork and poorly prepared mortgage files. In the Ticktins' case, Deutsche Bank didn't have their mortgage note, a problem that has surfaced in tens of thousands of foreclosure defense cases nationwide.Deutsche Bank dropped its foreclosure action in February after the Ticktins' attorneys claimed they didn't have enough information to respond because there was no note. The bank refiled the foreclosure last month.

"It's embarrassing that I'm in foreclosure. But I now understand my clients better than some lawyers who never had a problem in their lives," said Ticktin, whose firm is handles 3,000 foreclosure defense cases at two Florida offices, one in Deerfield Beach and one in Tampa.

He said he's confident his attorney Jamie Sasson, who works for his firm, can defend against the action. "[Deutsche Bank] doesn't have the paperwork," Ticktin said. He says he also was talked into a badly structured loan when, desperate for money, he refinanced.
 I wonder whether Ticktin's attorney Jamie Sasson -- if successful -- plans to place a mortgage on his boss' property.



  1. So the dude has lived in his home for almost four years, rent free, no payments --

    Let's say that 3 G per month saved

    3 x 48 = 144 large.

    Now, he has a down payment on a new home...better put it in a homestead property before the judgment.

  2. I know that Ticktin was some hack down here for many years. I think I ran into him into the justice building and I'm not sure but he may have been trying to break into the ticket business which is somewhat ironic. Not surprised he's slid under the door of the foreclosure business.

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