SFL Friday -- Jeremy Alters Cleans House.

Well kids, it's beginning to feel like the holidays -- I just set a depo in March(!), so apparently no one plans to work for at least the next six weeks minimum.

What else?

Paul Brinkmann, writing behind the SFBJ firewall, has a great piece on all the departures, defections, lawsuits, and other rumors swirling around recent changes at Jeremy Alters' firm.  Here's a choice tidbit:
Alters acknowledged that moving the firm into heavy-duty, national class actions meant a longer-term payoff, but he predicted large fees from the eventual settlement of the cases, especially Chinese drywall litigation.

Neither Boldt nor Culmo returned phone messages and e-mails about their issues with Alters.
Not discussed -- who keeps all those fakakta surfboards?

But seriously, we wish all involved good luck and much success.

In other news men should do more chores, here's a liberating way to improve voter turnout, and communication is apparently a form of foreplay?

Oy veh -- have a great weekend!


  1. Did I read right that Rogow loaned him money?

  2. Sex advice from Fox News is like cooking advice from Hannibal Lecter. But otherwise a good post.

  3. Not a huge surprise. Alters is toxic to marriages (his own included-see clerk of court Miami dade), friends, and business associates. A real narcisist.
    He was banging the bookeeper at one firm than he got run off. Opens this mess of a law firm with these people who, god bless em, should have trusted their gut.They go broke while he spends their money.

  4. Since Alters was the only one who spoke to the reporter, I think there is more to this story...

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