SFL Friday -- Let's End This.


I'm trying to get my hands on the complaint, but haven't succeeded yet:
Amy-Erin Blakely filed the lawsuit in an Orange County court on Wednesday and said the harassment at The Devereux Foundation went on for about five years.

Blakely managed 900 employees at the nonprofit behavioral health organization that also provides foster and adoptive assistance. Blakely says she worked for the organization in Orlando until she was fired last year after she accused managers of sexual harassment, according to CBS affiliate WKMG.

"It was very humiliating to know that senior members of our management team would focus on my breasts as opposed to my performance on the job," said Blakely at a Los Angeles press conference Wednesday.

"She also alleges that someone in management talked about how large her breasts were and that she needed to 'hide them,'" Allred told the station.
 What kind of employer would do this?  It gets worse:
The 43-year-old had risen to the position of Assistant Executive Director, but claims she couldn't advance any further because her managers said she was "too sensual."
 "Too sensual"?

Hold on -- this is a problem?

I kid I kid, but once the defendant removes this to the Middle District we'll be able to better assess these allegations.

In the meantime I am leaving my 100 percent sensual-free office environment immediately and intend to windsurf until the dry Gin Gibsons are perfectly chilled, the New York strip is perfectly thawed, and my post-windsurfing hot tub is perfectly heated.

At that point I plan to do it all over again and then it'll be Monday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I don't believe it's sensual free if it is your office!

  2. Allred is a total scab. She'll be disbarred before she retires.

  3. Allred is a total scab. She'll be disbarred before she retires.

  4. I smell a rat. Is this the second part of a three part early sixties chic put on? Last week we get a plea to Christina Hendricks to keep it retro. Now we get, one week later, what seems like a real life Hendricks stepping out of her Sterling Cooper work ethos and instead of throwing a bourbon and branch water in her boss's faces for putting their noses in her cleavage, hits them with the 21st century equivalent: a sex harassment lawsuit! What next? A memorial post to wingtips?

  5. They're real and they're spectacular.

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