Toe-Tapping Lawyer Controversy Stays On High Road -- Ends Amid Charges of "Racial Slant."

 Motion to Reconsider                                                                   

Ok, since we last checked in the Court denied the footsie motion, then plaintiffs moved to reconsider, then Magistrate Judge Brown denied the motion to reconsider (all links are Scribd).

There's a treasure trove of material in there, but I'm going to put up the plaintiff's motion to reconsider, because pound for pound it's a start to finish must-read.

BTW, I scoured the reconsideration motion for the source of this seemingly out of nowhere comment by the Judge in his order denying reconsideration: 
The court will not dignify the racial slant with a response.
Where did that come from?

Although it took me many hours of careful review, I think I may have found what prompted it:
It must be noted that the only witness asked as to whether or not he had been convicted of a felony and whether or not his employer had represented him in the past, was of the young African-American witness, and not of the other two witnesses.
All I can say is since the Court struck the plaintiffs' jury demand this is going to be one very interesting bench trial.


  1. Wait...this is going to be a bench trial? In front of who? Judge Brown!?

    I can't believe that these guys have consented to trial before the Magistrate Judge.

  2. trial tip: all black witnesses

  3. I know an attorney at that firm. I think he or she is a wonderful attorney and a lovely person. But I get embarrassed for him or her when I read the stuff that's being filed in this case. It's not the issues, per se (toe tapping), but the written advocacy: the rhetorical questions, occasional sarcasm, exclamation points, bold, underline, font nobody uses. Just really unpolished. The stuff almost reads like stream of consciousness/interior monologue.

  4. i think its now obvious that petey halmos no longer advocating to judge brown ... he's said "fugg it" i'm making a record for the appeal.

  5. Get thee to an editor! Glenn Garvin is available.

  6. It's true. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  7. @4:28

    rubber: meet road. joe klock no longer has an army of steel hector/ivy League pinheads ghostwriting his ish.

  8. @8:25- good post. There are some SHD alums there but perhaps they don't work on the toe tap case (by choice?).

  9. i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it ugg uk
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.


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