Willie Ferrer -- The Democratic Rubio?

I find the premise of this otherwise flattering Sunshine State News article on U.S. Attorney Willie Ferrer to be fundamentally flawed:
Through his parents' odd jobs and his solid class work at Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School, Ferrer went on to college (University of Miami) and law school (University of Pennsylvania). Today, with misty eyes, a wife and two sons, he says he's living the American Dream.

Using stirring, Rubio-esque language to describe his up-from-the-bootstraps journey, the 44-year-old Ferrer blends loyalty to family and allegiance to American exceptionalism. The only difference is that Ferrer's party of advancement is Democrat, not Republican.
The only difference?

One's a schemer who created a malleable, slightly dishonest "man of principles" persona to ride a wave and advance an agenda of maximizing personal power via national politics, and the other is a career civil servant who has invested his life and significant legal and personal skills into serving the public and doing the right thing.

Other than that, they're exactly alike.


  1. yeah, but they are both of Cuban descent so that's all that matters. What do you expect from a writer who refers to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat" party?

  2. Yo. SFL. It's Wifredo Ferrer, not Wilfredo Ferrer. Change your tag.

  3. Thanks -- I've made that mistake before.

  4. amen brother! why would someone smart and dedicated, with a position where he can make a difference, become a wind bag politician like Rubio, who will talk a good game to get elected and never accomplish a thing. Real people do not run for office; they serve the public everyday, whether as US Atty, police officers, EMTs, public defenders, etc. Hopefully Mr. Ferrer never listens to the hype.

  5. If you are wif fredo are you againstmichael?

  6. Does he wiff alot after eating rice and beans. He aint no wilf.


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