Blake Edwards RIP

Sorry I'm a bit late this morning, and for this off-topic post, but I wanted to say a few words about the unevenly brilliant director Blake Edwards, who passed away Wednesday at age 88.

Macleans writer Jaime Weinman describes Edwards as the "Genius Without Quality Control" and I think that's exceedingly apt.

How can a guy so perfectly capture the angst of an upper middle-class mid-life crisis as sweetly and knowingly as Edwards did in 10, yet bomb out so badly mining the same topic a decade later with Skin Deep?

It's no surprise I'm attracted to flawed artists, and thus I'm fascinated when incredibly talented musicians, actors, writers, painters, lawyers, judges or directors flame out or misfire in a spectacularly awful way.

Blake had an ability to be both radiantly sublime and astonishingly horrible, sometimes in the same movie.

RIP old man, and thanks for the laughs.


  1. JENNY:I like different music for different things. I like to listen to
    Rock,dance to Jazz.
    GEORGE:What do you like to do to Prokofiev?
    JENNY:Make love. Not only Prokofiev,Ravel. Did you ever do it to
    Ravel’s Bolero?
    GEORGE(nervous voice):No.
    JENNY:My uncle turned me on to it. GEORGE starts coughing.
    JENNY:My step-mother’s younger brother.I used to spend week-ends at his house when I was going to
    school in England. Uncle Fred said that Bolero was the most descriptive sex music ever written. And he proved it.


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