Carolyn Zegeer Endorsed by Tommy Shaw!

Miami attorney Carolyn Zegeer's dream to be the next Paradise Hunter has just moved one step closer to reality, courtesy of none other than former Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw:
Tommy Shaw of Styx (co-writer of two songs in Carolyn's video) said, "Carolyn is perfectly qualified for the job.  Add to that her on-camera comfort, good looks and energy level, and it appears that this show is more or less her life story.  She has the kind of natural curiosity and joy of life that makes this video look like a trailer for the actual show."
Ok, I'm a bit of a Tommy Shaw chronic, so I have no idea how I missed identifying his distinctive sound in Carolyn's video but now it's unmistakable.

I was right there with him on Girls With Guns, I hoped for the best with the Remo Williams soundtrack, and I even held my nose and supported the Damn Yankees project.

So Carolyn, your good taste in musical partners has just earned you another vote.

(And yes, that is in fact me on the Keytar).


  1. Dude's got too much time on his hands.

  2. He's a blue collar man and she's a Lady.

  3. ok, those are both hilarious comments.

    truly, i think she'll have the best of times, if she wins.

  4. She can show me the way

  5. Arthur Vinning, a/k/a "The Lost PD" passed away this week in San Mateo, California, where he ran a very successful Organic Bakery for the last 40 years.

    Long time PDs will remember Arne, as he liked to be called, as a trial monster- ran through divisions like a hot knife thru butter. Won 8 in a row before Morphonious before she kicked him out because he was too cool, never took the bait, never lost his temper or raised his voice. They sent him over to Scott where he tried and won three his first week, about six his first month and was closing in on 20 in a row over two years when he had a simple (for him) agg assault case on a LEO. He picked the jury, the ol' Gunner Steve Gunderson did the opening, Arne crossed the cop and destroyed him and Scott was openly considering a JOA. Then over lunch Arne got in his car....and drove away and never returned. Left his office and things like his diplomas, left his apartment after going there and apparently picking up his cat, and drove to California. Just like that in the middle of the trial. Subsequently resigned from the Florida Bar- Scott never pursued a complaint as it was obvious the guy had a mental breakdown.
    He somehow got settled in San Mateo, opened an Organic Bakery before it was popular, and that was that.

    In later years I heard he would volunteer as an intake person at the local PDs office, but the young lawyers there never viewed him more than a lonely old man helping out. Nobody knew what an amazing trial lawyer he was.

    He passed away in his sleep at 78 and he was a good guy. I visited him a few times, had coffee and some amazing muffins and we would chat over the old guys and where they were but we never mentioned the trial he bugged out on.

  6. I remember the O'l Gunner and he taught me and many old time pds the fundamentals of trial work. In his own right he went back to Minnesota and worked in his family's firm on oil and gas leases and in his own right banged ford motor company for about 25 mil on a rollover in the 80's that I know he collected on after an appeal. He's still around, I still get Xmas cards from him and he's retired and loves to hunt and fish the Minnestoa lakes and at his ranch in Montana.


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