Christmas Comes Early -- Administrative Order 2010-151 Has Arrived!

Santa Moreno just delivered an early holiday present -- Administrative Order 2010-151.

I know I know, it's hard to stay contained -- deep breaths, people.

Now don't get too excited, you don't want to break your new toy on the very first day, but here it is kiddies:  there is now total and complete cosmic harmony between Rule 56 and the local rules with regard to the summary judgment briefing schedule!

Rejoice rejoice (we have no choice)......


  1. I don't understand the change??

  2. There used to be an extended briefing schedule for motions for summary judgment -- 21 days to respond and 14 days to reply (don't forget the 3 mailing days to boot). Now, as with all motions (though be careful to check your local judge's scheduling order regarding discovery motions), there's 14 days to respond and 7 to reply (plus the 3 mailing days).


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