More Layoffs at Ruden -- Happy Hannukah!

I can't think of a better time than the holidays to lay off long term, dedicated workers.

And neither can what's left of Ruden McClosky, according to the intrepid one:
In an interview last week, Krul said the firm is poised to grow and is looking to hire associates. He did not mention any impending layoffs.

Ruden, which was dominated by real estate work, was slammed by the recession, plagued with partner defections and the loss of entire offices, pay cuts and layoffs in the past two years. Ruden partners this year were asked to sign letters of guarantee to renew the firm’s banking line of credit.

The layoffs were announced Thursday morning. Employees were allowed to empty their desks before being ushered out. Ruden gave them severance packages including health insurance, a firm spokesman said.

"Some of these people were very, very senior," said a former lawyer who asked not to be identified. "I thought candidly to do this three weeks before Christmas was pretty terrible."
Ahh, a severance package -- makes a really nice gift under any staffer's Christmas tree.

Did I mention they're looking to hire associates?

Just for that, I'm subjecting you all to The Maccabeats.


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