Odds and Sods and William Levy

Hi kids, are you still at work?  I sure hope not.

My friend Tom Spencer wants you to be afraid, be very afraid of Saddam Ahmadinejad Rev. Wright Bill Ayers Kenya saying "happy holidays" Wikileaks.

Hey, Christmas truly is beloved by everyone!

One of my most-viewed posts deals with the lawsuit that Spanish-language soap opera star William Levy brought against an LA attorney over allegations of forced oral sex and venereal disease.  The case is pending before Judge Moreno.

Now it appears Levy's attorney, Ralph Patino has sought leave to filed a second amended complaint, chock full of additional allegations.

You can take a deep breath and review the proposed amended complaint here.


  1. Yes, draft Marco Rubio. Send him to Afghanistan.

    I'll take that man in the pic as my Christmas gift -- tell him to report to my tree by 7 AM, and to get plenty of rest. He'll need it!

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