"I Know."

Judge Cooke Voids Carnival Arbitration Clause.

Disbarred Miami Attorney (Yawn) Gets in More Trouble.

Luke Campbell Has a New Lawyer!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

3d DCA Special Thanksgiving Turkey Day Watch!

Luke Campbell Loses Motion to Dismiss!

This Profound Courtroom Drama Changed My Life!

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Gunster -- Like a Rock!

$400 an Hour for Foreclosure Defense? (and Glenn Garvin).

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Gene Stearns: It Wasn't Me!

The NYT Throws A TwIqbal Party!

Bob Josefsberg Rises To Jim Morrison's Defense Once Again!

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More Good Karma From Scott Salomon.

11th Circuit Upholds Judge Zloch Sanctions Order Against Loring Spolter!

Willie Ferrer -- The Democratic Rubio?

Judge Shenberg's Tip Line!

Bob Josefsberg and the Lizard King!

SFL Friday -- Let's End This.

Judge Dresnick Recuses From Case Involving Judge Dresnick!

Peter Ticktin Says Client Mortgages OK!

More Allegedly Forged Court Orders.

Justice Alito Is Very Fair and Balanced.

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Jill Clayburgh RIP

"Because the Lawyer Said It Was."

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SFL Friday -- Some Diets Are Bad.

Jon Stewart Examines Supreme Court Debate Over Violent Video Games

Judge Olson Recuses!

Florida Supreme Court Delivers Bunker Smack-Down on Ever-Expanding Cert Review!

Williams and Connolly Attorney to Head Rick Scott Transition Team.

Judge Cooke Allows Lawsuit Against Luke Campbell To Proceed!

Toe-Tapping Lawyer Controversy Stays On High Road -- Ends Amid Charges of "Racial Slant."

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I Fought the Law.