3d DCA Watch -- On the Road Again.


It's pretty exciting that the 3d DCA is taking their act on the road, in concert for a special one-night-only performance at UM's beautiful Storer Auditorium.

The 3d even provided a nice map with the building clearly identified with a big orange arrow.

The event will take place February 11th, which allows just enough time to get the building 3d DCA-ready in accordance with their detailed 11-page contract rider, which specifies the usual extensive site bunkerization, lukewarm coffee, careful placement of donated antique exercise equipment into various mechanical and storage rooms, heavily bolted down restroom facilities and of course showers, lots and lots of showers.

However, because moving trucks and roadies have already begun preparations for the big show (I understand Chief Judge Ramirez has specifically requested use of the Grateful Dead's massive quadrophonic Wall of Sound PA system), the 3d unfortunately has had absolutely no time to issue any new civil opinions this week.

Sorry about that, but priorities are priorities.

Above you can see some of the details on that epic Wall of Sound system -- say what you will, but these judges are true audiophiles!


  1. Quadraphonic Schwartz!!

  2. Arrow or 'surveyor marks'??


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