Allen Stanford Receiver Wants Miami Heat to Pay Money Back.

Oh I long for the days when we used to make fun of R. Allen Stanford.

Can anyone forget Bowman Brown's amazingly accurate "spidey sense" and deft way with a self-deprecating anecdote?

God I miss that material.

Well, there is hope:
The National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat was sued by the R. Allen Stanford receivership for allegedly collecting more than $1.3 million in ill-gotten gains from Stanford’s alleged fraud.
“The payments to the Miami Heat parties are related to Stanford’s sponsorship, advertising and promotional activities,” Ralph Janvey, the court-appointed receiver, said in a complaint filed today in Dallas federal court.
What is it with crooks and sports teams?

Remember how Scott Rothstein blew wads of dough getting close to sports stars so he could pretend he had a jump shot or could throw the ball just like Dan Marino?

Short Jews, what can I say.


  1. "medical malpractice reform to reign in frivolous lawsuits"

    What government weed is the President inhaling???

  2. Bo finally shushed-up about the Stanford-in-handcuffs story and now complains endlessly about the imminent closure of the City Club. He really misses 1982.


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