Exodus Continues at Yoss.

The slow yet steady drumbeat of departures continues at Adorno & Yoss, according to the ever intrepid Julie Kay:
Neil Linden, head of business litigation at Yoss LLP, is moving to GrayRobinson's Miami office and bringing two lawyers with him.
The nine-year veteran of Yoss, formerly Adorno & Yoss, is leaving with shareholder Phillippe Deve and associate David Levin on an undetermined date.
Linden, national chair of business and commercial litigation department at Yoss, said his departure is due to a conflict that developed over a large institutional client of his and a new client with the firm. The clients were not disclosed.
"We had a conflict we could not resolve," he said.
Hmm, I can't speak to the details of this particular conflict, but I know one conflict that would be difficult for any law firm (in the generic sense of course) to overcome -- I would like to be paid vs. sorry but we really can't pay you right now.

If I were the good folks (folk?) at Yoss, I would consider an entire rebranding overhaul.

For example, it's kinda weird or perhaps even ghoulish that the firm website is still adorno.com.

And the "Yoss" thing feels incomplete and awkward, doesn't it?

It'd be like if Abbott and Costello suddenly just became "Costello!" -- ok Lou, we wish you well, but maybe you need to go in an entirely new direction?


  1. Dead firm walking.

  2. Just spoke with a close friend who is a bookie and handles a lot of action in the legal community here. The over/under on Yoss dissolving is April 1, 2011.

  3. oh those poor, poor junior associates at Gray Robinson...

  4. Dissolving April 1? Why wait? There's nothing going on there now except bills and lawsuits mounting up.


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