"Him Blacker Than Me and You."

Who could that be referring to, you might wonder?

Who else -- my pal and highly skilled defense attorney David O. Markus.

Check David out on stage at Bayfront Park Sunday as he appears to be jamming with client Buju Banton:

The Jamaica Observer, doing exemplary work on the Buju trial/retrial as per usual, has the details:
Banton's knock out punch was when he called his attorney David Oscar Markus on stage and thanked him for his efforts in defending him against his accusers.

"Don't watch nothing say him white. Him blacker than me and you," Banton said before hugging his lawyer and exiting the stage after his non-stop 120-minute performance.
Two quick observations:

First, I really like David's smart yet sensible attire -- flexible enough to wear to Costco or appear on stage in front of ten thousand people.

Not a lot of lawyers could pull that off.

Second, this whole "him blacker" business raises an interesting question, given that David did in fact go to Harvard Law School....


  1. May I recommend the following clip:


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