Things That Make You Go "Hmmm."

Let's see....wake up South Florida!

John Pacenti is a fantastic reporter, and I've certainly had my fun with Big Lew, but I sort of agree with Joe DeMaria regarding the Lew Freeman emails that appear on the front page of today's DBR.

They're entertaining as you would expect -- and naturally involve food and bowel movements -- but where's the newsworthiness?

They seem private to me and I feel somewhat uneasy reading them.  That doesn't mean they shouldn't be published if there's some larger point to them, but I guess I'm not seeing it at the moment.

Or maybe I'm missing something -- what do you all think?

Other exciting news -- the guy in charge of handling US renditions to Egypt is now Mubarak's new VP -- that definitely makes me go "hmmm."  And even Dr. Zhivago says it is time for regime change.


But this is my favorite "hmmm" moment of the morning (from today's DBR but not online):
Robert C. Josefsberg, a partner with Podhurst Orseck in Miami, has been named to the steering committee in the Chinese Drywall multidistrict litigation in New Orleans, replacing outgoing partner Victor Diaz.
Double hmmm.


  1. omar sharif should have been riding a camel rather than a black stallion just like the rest of those camel jockeys

  2. puerile and tacky

  3. It's actually quite funny that DeMaria questions who would read it and then of course it's the top story on the website today.

  4. @ 3:01

    kinda similar to Spencer Aronfeld dropping press release after press release, going on television shows and posting youtubes about the shame and suffering his client who has to squat to pee cause his penis had to be amputated

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