We're Number One!

At mortgage fraud.

You didn't think I would say education, arts, charity, or civic responsibility did you?

Jonathan Heller says this is good for business not surprising:
Jonathan Heller, a Miami defense lawyer defending a client who he believes was a victim of mortgage fraud, said he is not surprised by South Florida's ranking.

``When you have mortgage brokers who are unsavory, who are fueled by irresponsible lenders, it's like the perfect storm,'' he said.
But that's why we love it here!

What else?

Congrats to Stearns Weaver partner David Pollack who just bought a nice Grove condo.

Ahh screw this.

You know what, it's too nice out for me to sit here and pretend to work.

I think I'll make an obligatory appearance, glad hand for a while, and like a nice Jewish goy go see the Vatican Splendors up in Fort Lauderdale, then walk along the river and smoke a big fat cigar.

You guys are on your own for a while.


  1. http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-504083_162-10005422.html?tag=page

    The first mug shot may be the best of all time. Question - what doctor puts horns on a person?

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