3d DCA Enjoins All Non-Judge Emas Investiture Legal News.

You may have heard that today is the day that young Fine Jacobson(!) associate Kevin Emas gets investitured (ed. note -- is that a word?) -- 3 pm in the bunker's mechanical room/janitorial closet/gym spacious central courtroom.

Congrats Judge!  We're proud and happy for you!

In honor of this auspicious event, the 3d has sensibly placed an embargo on all other South Florida legal news until after the fourth robing ceremony and the 190-piece/600 voice ensemble orchestra has completed its extended rendition of Ashford & Simpson's "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing," which means we should be out of there and able to report on other less worthy news by around 9:30 or so.

See you all there!


  1. Not long ago, our office had a client in a case where there were about 25 parties locked in an international death struggle. There were good lawyers on all sides, the stakes were as high as they get in a civil matter, and everyone was fighting to the last man on every issue. After a couple of judicial rotations, we ended up in front of Judge Emas.

    To say he was outstanding would be to understate the case. For two years he read every word of all the attorneys’ massive briefs. He gave us one special set hearing after another. At those hearings, he gave everyone his respectful attention and asked questions that demonstrated his command of the facts and understanding of the issues. He expected prepared attorneys and straight answers. As each issue arose, he ruled with great care. When Judge Emas transferred to family court, all parties agreed to ask him and the admin judge to let judge Emas take the case with him. We were all grateful that he did. It’s a measure of his probity, courtesy and thoughtfulness that, although he often ruled against my client, my respect for him was undiminished.

    He very much wanted and entirely deserved the appointment to the DCA. But he is going to be sorely missed downtown.

  2. Good thing he was appointed when he was, who knows what is in our near-future.

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