3d DCA Watch -- Greetings, Welcome To Our Wonderful State Court!

I'm a history buff, so I'm always interested in what happened in the past and how that might possibly reflect on the present or even the future.

Let's pick a date at random, say, February 18th.

Great day.

For example, in 1968 on that date legendary guitarist David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd.

And in 1979 "Roots:  The Next Generations" premiered on ABC.

Now, on February 18, 2011, you can add this to that impressive list:
The Court is pleased to announce the Investiture of the Honorable Kevin Emas. 

The Investiture will take place on February 18, 2011, at three o’clock in the afternoon, at the Courthouse of the Third District.
Suck on that, Kunta Kinte!

In all seriousness, congrats to Judge Emas, though I'm still a pretty big LeVar Burton fan....

Oh yeah, the opinions:

Alonso v. Ford Motor Co.:

Wow, this jury reminds me of the line I was in the other day at Costco:
The issues raised by the appellant are (1) an allegation of premature deliberations by certain members of the jury, (2) an allegation that one member, Juror S.,1 suffered a “high blood pressure headache” and “went along with a defense verdict in this case only because he was fearful of having a stress-induced stroke caused by his severe hypertension,” and (3) an allegation by Juror S. that another juror, Juror K., “smelled like a batch of beer,” and seemed to Juror S. to have been intoxicated at one or more points during the trial.
Not seeing the problem.

Cossio v. Arrondo:

Is this how they're moving along trials nowadays?
Alejandra Cossio appeals from a final judgment claiming the court below erred in precluding her from presenting at trial any witnesses (other than herself) and from introducing any documents.
Again, not seeing the problem.

State Farm v. Swindoll:

Boy does State Farm know how to hire an expert witness:
Q: And you just told me he never had one neck
complaint prior to that car crash that we just saw the
picture of, correct?
A: Well, sir, you know --
Q: Correct?
A. Well, in answer to your question, correct. However,
Q. Thank you doctor.
A. As you know, but I bet he will not have a complaint
the day you walk out of this courtroom either, sir.
Mr. Hoffman: Judge --
THE COURT: Okay. Take the jury out, please.
Ok, I don't know what it is today, but I'm still not seeing the problem.

Maybe I've been practicing too long?

(God I love state court).


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