3d DCA Watch -- Humans Once Were Word Processors.

It may be the combination of reading David Rakoff's sardonic new collection of essays Half Empty and watching Louis C.K.'s sick new series Louie, but I'm in a mighty cynical, curmudgeonly mood right about now.

So this may not be the best time to review recent bunker-approved legal transmissions, but what the hey it's hump day:

Liebman v. Miami-Dade:

Judge Emas debuts with a respectable, apodictic entry that name-checks the limited scope of appellate review.

Nice job, your honor.

Lopez v. UAC:

Kudos to the kids at UM who handled this matter pro bono:
We express our appreciation for the professional briefs and oral argument presented on behalf of Mr. Lopez by pro bono counsel and a certified legal intern from the University of Miami School of Law.
N.B. -- good luck finding a job!

Judge Salter also calls out the Commission for a ridiculous document dump:
It is a logical inference that the Agency “adjudicator” who made the September 1, 2009, redetermination of disqualification for benefits, and the appeals referee who then considered Mr. Lopez’s appeal, saw the four documents that Mr. Lopez apparently did not see until the Commission attempted to file them here.
Hmm, good lesson for new lawyers -- this is the type of discovery shenanigans you will be dealing with for the rest of your life.

Habeeb v,. Linder:

Yes Virginia, there once was a time when people used the word "guff" unironically, thought Hazel was funny, and also acted as genuine "word processors":
The warranty deed, a “Ramco Form 01,” was a pre-printed form widely used by Florida practitioners in the days when “word processors” were human typists rather than compact machines.
I even remember a time when lawyers had "dictation machines" on their desks, and telephone messages were little slips of paper that were placed in a physical "in box."

How in the world did we manage to get anything done?


  1. I bet insurance regulatory clients sometimes had to wait overnight to talk to their lawyer.

  2. I just saw this; the answer is no.

  3. When are you not curmudgeanly?

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