3d DCA Watch -- So Now Injunctions Have to Contain "Findings"? Who Knew?

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Yes kids, today the bunker made actual real certified news, reversing Judge Eig's temporary injunction allowing Krop basketball player Brian Delancy to play in the state championship series.

Judge Eig did everything right, every little thing, well except for one very small omission:
The order and the record contain no findings sufficient to sustain such an injunction.  Accordingly, we vacate the order and dissolve the temporary injunction. 

You know, one thing we've learned over the years is the Robed Ones are incredible sticklers for detail (hey, I'm trying to be serious here).

Oh well, there's always next time (except here, probably not).


  1. How embarrassing!

  2. This is civil law 101..incredible.

  3. I see Judge Esquiroz got reversed on a summary judgment.


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