BREAKING -- Massive Snow Storm Paralyzes Nation; Alan Kluger Reacts!

Herald reporters Doug Hanks and Hannah Sampson and I must think alike.

When I saw footage and read reports of the ferocious life-threatening winter storm barreling across the nation, closing icy snow-covered roads, downing power lines, crippling air travel and endangering hundreds of thousands of people across the United States, my first thought was:  how does all this impact Alan Kluger?

Fortunately, Doug and Hannah felt the same way:
Alan Kluger, founder of the Miami law firm Kluger Kaplan, spent Tuesday shuffling his calendar this week. He expected to be in Manhattan for client meetings. Instead, they're coming to him.

``A bunch of my New York clients, they came down to their houses in Boca,'' Kluger said Tuesday. ``They said: `I'm getting out.' I have a meeting in Boca tomorrow and one on Thursday.''
Good lord -- Alan had to shuffle his calendar (ed. note: actually, his secretary probably did this) and now has to hold a few meetings in Boca.

Did you hear me -- I said Boca!

Memo to crybabies in Egypt:  You're not the only ones with problems, ok?

(Oh I kid Alan, it's not his fault the Herald went to him for a quote on the storm, but seriously -- why go to Alan for a quote on the storm?)


  1. I think you meant:

    "But seriously - why go to Alan for a quote?"


    "Why go to Alan?"


    "Why Alan?"

    Or just


  2. alan can't do winter nyc snow cause they don't make galoshes for cowboy boots

  3. You know the answer to the question. Why ask?

  4. The cowboy boots make him appear taller than he is. I am confident that he is not aware of that.

  5. Alan couldn't go to NYC because he would have been covered up by a 2 foot snow drift.

  6. Nice turnout by Alan's many fans.

  7. Wednesday fun quiz:

    Why on Kluger's website do they include the paralegals in with the attorneys in the "our team" page?

  8. Alan and team. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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