Forget Health Care. Important Question -- Are Underage Teenagers Suing "Girls Gone Wild" Entitled to Anonymity?

Sure people are discussing the implications of the recent health care ruling, but the 11th weighs in to address a truly burning questionCan underage teenagers suing the makers of "Girls Gone Wild" maintain their anonymity throughout trial?

You gotta love the recitation of the record by Chief Judge Dubina -- sorry folks, I'm not even comfortable block quoting it.

I did find the producers' alleged business model somewhat surprising:
In March of 2003, sixteen-year-old Plaintiff V, who lived in the Panama City area, went along with some friends down Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach. The Girls Gone Wild crew was there again, encouraging women to flash their breasts for the camera in exchange for beads, shirts, and similar trinkets.
That's it?

Beads, shirts, and trinkets?

No iPods, cell phones, or even concert tickets maybe?

Are we talking about a sleazy film crew in Panama City circa 2003 or Captain Cook in Hawaii circa 1779?


  1. This was joe's finest hour.

    25 million plus $36 for the after-nookie hamburger.....


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