Judge Milton Hirsch Word Cloud!


Rump and his merry band of quipsters are having some fun with a practice memo to attorneys issued by new Judge Milton Hirsch.

To celebrate I have prepared a word cloud of the paragraph which very pointedly deals with the sin of handing up cases to the Judge.

Enjoy (sedulously, of course)!


  1. Biggest word is JUDGE, how funny.

  2. Milton Hirsch is an UNFAIR scumbag judge and does things in the court room that is not ALLOWED to do! He doesn't give a chance for people to present their case well...cuz he denies almost everything! PLEASE DO NOT RE-ELECT THIS JUDGE HE IS NO GOOD!!

  3. Actually, though I have had numerous occassion to disagree with the rulings of Judge Hirsch, he tries to apply the law as he believes it to be. I KNOW he has no malice when he makes his rulings and maybe you should grow up and not use words such as scumbag...just a thought!


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