Of Course Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is Somehow Involved With Rothstein!

Bob Norman breaks it down here, but it involves allegations in the Rothstein investor suit being handled by Bill Scherer, in which a few of the defendants have counterclaimed:
To drum up cash meant to help bail out their millions, the suit claims that Von Allmen worked hand in hand with Clockwork Capital Advisors, a hedge fund run by A.J. Discala, a Hollywood agent and dubious businessman whose claim to fame was having married Jamie-Lynn Sigler, aka Meadow Soprano. The idea was to turn clockwork into the new Banyan, the monster hedge fund run by George Levin that financed much of Rothstein's scheme.
Von Allmen also formed Delaware companies Razorback Funding and D3 Capital Club as vehicles to raise money from unwitting investors into Rothstein's scheme. The suit claims more than 23 investors sank money into the venture. 
Ok, A.J. Discala is a lout of the highest order, so I'm not surprised by this.

But the bigger question is who gets to depose Jamie-Lynn?

(Don't tell me fancy-pants Eliot Lauer, that will just make a bad situation worse).


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