Centennial Symposium Recap!

I must echo Rumpy and David O -- Robert Kuntz and Tim Ravitch put together a creative, informative and highly entertaining panel discussion today on "new media" and the 24-hour news cycle.

Kudos on a job well done.

In fact, it was so hip we actually got into a Twitter fight while making our presentations, and David managed to upload camera pics of the exciting, nonstop action.

A few highlights:

1.  Rump's voice-synthesized "I am Stephen Hawking" shout out.

2.  Brian Tannebaum calling this blog "a scabrous tumor that must be violently excised from the South Florida legal community before it slowly and inexorably kills us all."

(Brian, did I quote you right?)

3.  Eddie Dominguez of the DBR on their progressive and collaborative approach to new media, bloggers, plus how they all differ.

BTW, let me repeat -- we are extremely fortunate to have the DBR as our local professional and business newspaper, you guys are the best and we depend on you daily (on the weekends, however, we're totally screwed).

4.  Kendall Coffey holding up the panel discussion to do a five-minute segment with CNN on how to finally obtain lasting peace in the Middle East.

I'm kidding!

(It was actually on how best to solve the Japanese nuclear meltdown).

Either way, this guy really knows his stuff.

Have a great weekend!


  1. SFL, I've never used the word "scabrous," And I was quite complementary of your stupid little blog, as you know from listening to the symposium. I said that "there is no better use of scribd.com and old pictures of Ron Magill holding shit, found anywhere in the annals of the internet." So shut up.

    Your interpretation of my comments show you are clearly confused with something you may have read from recent judicial order on some federal civil case.

  2. SFL it was a singular pleasure to meet you.

    While Horace (we're close like that now) was a bit shorter than I expected, you entirely lived up to expectations -- wind surfing does a body good I guess.

    Also, a note of personal thanks. We do all we can, in our small firm way, to nurture young lawyers. But you can hardly imagine the delight of our associates when each of them received a copy of the program with your autograph. Something about you being an inspiration to a new generation.

    Finally, sorry that it was so warm in Courtroom 4-2. You really could have loosened your tie, you know.

  3. Saw Kendall on Fox News last night. I guess his gig at CNN is over.


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