Dwyane Wade Gets Full Custody!

Maybe this will make the Heat play better, but regardless it's good news for Wade as the Chicago court that has been laboring for two years has awarded him full custody:
Still, the 102-page ruling had some sharp words for Wade's ex-wife.
"This court finds that (Siohvaughn Wade) has embarked on an unstoppable and relentless pattern of conduct for over two years to alienate the children from their father, and lacks either the ability or the willingness to facilitate, let alone encourage, a close and continuing relationship between them," read a portion of the ruling entered by Judge Renee G. Goldfarb.
Wade's attorney, James Pritikin, said the custody trial "was one of the longest ever in Cook County history."
These are strong factual findings, which will make it hard to overturn on appeal (the ex-wife's attorney has already stated one is forthcoming).


  1. how wizzacked a mother are you to lose full custody to a guy who spends months away from the custodial home? i thought dwayne really showed class and maturity (what is he 28 years old yet?) by saying he wanted the mother in their lives and would support her living in florida to maintain a relationship with them.

  2. Custody battles are nasty ugly things generally started by nasty ugly people.

    It sounds like the better parent won here, but that certainly doesn't always happen.

    People, your kids are not tools to be used to cause pain to be felt by your ex.

    My $0.02. Thanks for listening.

  3. the rich parent can always make the not-rich parent look bad.


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