Judge Seitz Wants Barry Minkow to "Work on His Soul."

Like Rumpy I have a few actual legal matters to attend to, so I apologize for not providing an outlet this morning for everyone to waste their time.

So let's do that now!

Nobody takes a longer better plea than Judge Seitz, and you can always count on her to say something interesting.

Following up on her "Kingdom of God" admonition to some idiot who badly -- I would say tragically -- overpaid for dinner, the Judge yesterday turned her ecumenical eye on poor Barry Minkow, an habitual con man who the feds just can't seem to quit:
Minkow said among his college degrees were a master's of divinity and a bachelor's degree in church ministries.

Seitz asked, "Given all those degrees, how did you get involved in this?"

Minkow conceded, "I'm not too wise, ma'am."

Seitz responded, "You need to work on your soul, sir."
She added, "but first get to work on your short game."

Oh I kid.

But she's right -- everyone truly does need to work on their soul.

Speaking of soul, happy birthday to the clinically insane Christopher Walken.

Here's Kevin Pollak doing his classic tribute to the man (Kevin will be performing in Palm Beach today through Saturday).


  1. um...didn't once upon a time Rule 56 say that MSJ was responded to in 21 days? The Rule appears to be silent on the issue now: http://www.uscourts.gov/uscourts/RulesAndPolicies/rules/2010%20Rules/Civil%20Procedure.pdf

    Creating a problem since the Local Rules say that MSJ briefing schedule "in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 56 shall apply." But I see no briefing schedule in Rule 56!

    Thoughts? Am I missing something?

  2. Well, at least the guy is humble enough to admit it.

  3. Judge Moreno signed an administrative order 2010-151 which says you use the standard briefing times for motions in LR 7.1 until the new Local Rules come out on 4/15.

  4. note to criminal defendants: hire alvin entin and the government knows no fight will be put up

    read: you cant get the best deal possible when the government knows there's NO chance of a trial.

    and i love alvin

  5. by the way, Holly has that come hither look...


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