Simply Amazing! And the Beat Goes On!

Simply Amazing! Order

I can't adequately do this Order justice, you'll have to just read it yourself.

A few highlights and questions.

(1)  Like the "Tale of Two Cities" intro.

(2)  Shouldn't sanctions orders have findings?

(3)  "Simply amazing"!

(4)  "Almost laughable"

(5)  "not in this instance"!

(6)  "caught with their hand in the cookie jar"

(7)  Federal Rules and Local Rules "mere suggestions."

(8)  Deft switch to criticizing defendant's response.

(9 ) ... wasting "trees".

(10) "The history of this case is self-explanatory."

(11)" .... and the beat goes on."

(12) Sanction includes letter being introduced without authentication -- ouch!

Seriously, though, the sanctions as ordered seem like they will be difficult in practice to actually implement in a trial setting, but who knows -- things have turned out pretty well in this case so far.


  1. magistrates need clerks!!

    if magistrates have clerks, the need better clerks!!

    how fugged up is trial going to be with that evidentiary presumption sanction!!

    this is fun!!

  2. dear god if you are kind and merciful PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

  3. Your reporting on this case has been...SIMPLY AMAZING!

  4. Judge Brown! strikes "again"...?

  5. HOW could you not mention the ice to Eskimos line!??

  6. I like Judge Brown's rhetorical flourishes but he's really got to ditch the "sames" and "saids"

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