These Proposals Seem Terrible!

What the hail are they doing in Tally:
Cannon wants to break the seven-member Supreme Court into two separate five-member tribunals, one to handle only civil cases and the other to hear only criminal cases, similar to systems in Texas and Oklahoma. That would give Gov. Rick Scott three appointments to the state’s highest court.

Cannon’s plan would require the three most senior justices — Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince — to join the criminal appeals court.
Hmm, just a coincidence?

It gets worse:
A fourth bill by Rep. Charles McBurney, R-Jacksonville, would require all of the governor’s judicial appointments to the Supreme Court and to the five District Courts of Appeal to be confirmed by the state Senate. It passed on a party-line 10-5 vote. That bill would also abolish appeals court-level judicial nominating commissions, which recommend finalists to the governor.
What is the point of abolishing the JNCs?  So the flow of informed advice on judicial candidates ends?
When you elect idiots you get Idiocracy.


  1. Better than when they tried two JNCs!

  2. Why not just put all the justices in a big random pool, add vodka and stir!

  3. 1) The JNCs around FL under both Bush and Scott have often served to block conservative applicants, including minority applicants who are conservative. How would you feel if the JNCs were blocking liberal applicants and a Democrat were the Governor?

    2) Splitting the Sup Ct is an idea that should be discussed and not simply dismissed out of hand


  4. Oops, I forgot: (3) Conservatives were also blocked by some JNCs under Crist, back when Crist was a Republican.

  5. "How would you feel if the JNCs were blocking liberal applicants and a Democrat were the Governor?"

    I would feel that is not the role of the JNC and that the Governor's preferences should be afforded deference within reason.

    2. Sorry, I think it's a really bad idea with no merit whatsoever from what I can tell, but I am willing to listen if I'm missing something.


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