Yoss Restructuring Complete!

Wow, I don't think anyone saw this coming:
In an e-mail sent to employees Friday, managing partner George Yoss notified employees that the firm would be winding down its legal practice and laying off all employees by the end of the month.

“As we are sure you are aware, these have been extremely difficult times for the firm,” stated Yoss in the e-mail. “After meeting with the bank and evaluating the firm’s status and financial position the decision was made to wind down its operation.”
Thanks to a tipster, we have managed to obtain an early draft of the email:
Oh f*&k.  F*&k f*&k f*&. F*&k a duck! Why maintain the ruse any longer?  We're f*&ked.  So f*&k you all and the horses you rode in on.  You think this s*&t's easy?  You try it.  Thank you to our loyal clients who stuck with us through the good times and bad.  That's f*&king sarcasm you dimwits.  Now good luck finding a job in this economy.  Did I mention we're f*&ked?
Yoss out.
Ok, those are pretty strong words, and I apologize for the vulgarities.

I suppose that's why you should never send an email when you're upset or angry.

Actually, here's the final real version they decided to go with:
As we are sure you are aware, these have been extremely difficult times for the firm. Over the past few months we have been dealing with many issues that have had a negative impact on the firm's ability to continue. After meeting with the Bank and evaluating the firm's status and financial position the decision was made to wind down its operations.

Accordingly we are giving to each of our employees the following notice:

It is anticipated that the firm will continue to provide legal services to its clients and will continue to conduct its regular business through March 31, 2011. Effective March 31, 2011, the firm will permanently close most of its facilities and will cease to provide legal services and will begin winding down operations. We hope to accomplish this with the least possible disruption to the lives of our employees, our clients and the community.

With the exception of several employees needed for the wind down period all employees of the firm will be laid off between now and March 31, 2011.
I don't know, the first draft has a kind of raw honesty you don't see much in law firm communications nowadays.....

Yossers, feel free to share your views in comments, our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish you good luck in finding alternative employment.


  1. It's never funny when someone loses their job. Your humor is tasteless and shows a complete lack of empathy for those who will suffer.

  2. if the yoss firm's management committee did not have(and as most would agree, could not have had) any "reasonable expectation" of obtaining refinancing as a result of the meeting with the bank, then the WARN Act applies to this company and the appropriate 60 days' notice applies (or pay in lieu thereof). can anyone spell "C-L-A-S-S A-C-T-I-O-N"? Maybe they will settle with only the named plaintiffs on this one, too ?

  3. @5:15- making light of serious situations is called HUMOR

  4. They hung on longer than they should.

  5. @ 5:15 Tragedy is the flip side of the comedy coin . . . it's just a matter of timing. Today, not so funny, tomorrow more funny, week from now, haha funny.

    @ 5:30 Good luck collecting those WARN act damages from the trustee. You're behind the Guatemalan cleaning service.

  6. This is very sad. Here's hoping people have been saving (especially the associates) in the face of this imminent shutdown and hopefully all the talented attorneys will quickly find rewarding work elsewhere.

  7. It's a good post. There is no other way to deal with this but to laugh. I've been crying for months and have applied and applied. The lord will protect us and guide us and I know it will turn out better than before. What's done is done.

  8. what about all of the lawyers/partners who jumped ship within the last few weeks. Umm, guys, you are still on the hook!

  9. I have the most prescient client in town. http://southfloridalawyers.blogspot.com/2011/01/exodus-continues-at-yoss.html

  10. I think it's clear from the post that SFL has sympathy for the employees. SFL's humor was not directed at those employees who are losing their jobs and I think he just tried to bring a little levity to a sad situation.

  11. Here, I must rise to SFL's defense. The demise of this firm was inevitable from the moment the public learned of Hank Adorno's fire fee deal. Everything that transpired afterward was comedy gold.

  12. @ STL: nice call. Too bad you ended in a push and have to send everyone's money back.

  13. Thanks for the comments -- all of them.

    Maybe I should have just went to the well and pulled out the Ron McGill poop photo.

  14. My question is "what were they thinking?" They should have planned for Hank's possible disbarment long ago. Name a few latin bigwigs partners and they would have survided.

  15. This is like waiting for all the lifeboats to leave the Titanic before thinking of an exit plan.

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