11th Circuit Rules Contract Has "Genuinely Salty Flavor."

You know what, you guys all have dirty minds.

That was absolutely not what I was thinking.

All I was doing is accurately transmitting this ruling from the 11th that a noted researcher can properly bring suit against a shipwreck treasure-hunting outfit because the claims are cognizable in admiralty:
In relevant part, the district court concluded that Bray failed to set out a claim cognizable in admiralty jurisdiction because, “[a]lthough both Bray’s research and Odyssey’s obligation to pay pertain to the location of a ship, neither the research agreement nor the purported oral agreement amount to a maritime contract.” This was so, the court reasoned, “because neither contract involves maritime commerce.” We cannot agree.

Rather, we conclude “that ‘the [contracts] here ha[ve] a more genuinely salty flavor.’”
Yep, and some people like it that way!

You can learn more about the Merchant Royal here, and about Odyssey's fascinating treasurequests here.


  1. You always can tell when it's Friday here.

  2. Some say salty, some say sweeeeet!


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