3d DCA Drop Box Reinstituted.....Kinda!

It appears the DCBA has listened to our whines concerns and sorta kinda maybe put together a new 3d DCA drop box:
As a courtesy to attorneys and any customers filing documents for the Third District Court of 
Appeals (3rd DCA), a drop off box will be established in room 137, The handling of the contents of this box will be as follows:

  • Drop off box for 3rd DCA pleading will be located by the entrance door of room #137.
  • A clerk in the New Suits Unit will pick up this box at 4:00 pm daily and review the contents to ensure that all pleadings are directed to the 3rd DCA.
  • Pleadings will be placed in a postal carry bag labeled 3rd DCA.
  • A Mail Center clerk will pick up the postal bag at approximately 10:00am the following business day.
  • The Mail Center clerk will deliver the postal bag to 3rd DCA at approximately 2:00 pm
.  Please be aware that all documents deposited in the Clerk's drop off box will not be delivered
   to the 3rd DCA until the following business day. Any time sensitive documents should
   be filed directly at the 3rd DCA located at 2001 SW 117th Ave., Miami, Florida 33175
Is it just me or is there something needlessly pedantic about this announcement?

"New Suits Unit," I'm pretty sure that was a glam band from the 80s.

And I'm glad the specified "postal carry bag" will be labeled "3rd DCA" as opposed to, say, MetroZoo, though sometimes one can easily be confused with the other.


  1. The New Suits are back together again???

  2. One has wallowing pachyderms, furious felines, and slithering snakes.

    The other is the zoo.

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