3d DCA and 2d DCA in Conflict -- Who Shall Prevail?

Everyone loves a good conflict.  Especially a "direct conflict."

And that's just what happened when the 2d DCA got right in the grill house of the 3d, challenging the 3d's determination that you can't get fees in a wrongful death case under section 768.26 unless you file a case first.

Let's see what the Florida Supreme Court said:
Thank you, Governor Scott!  Please sir, can I have another?
Oops, that was how the Supremes groveled their way into functioning at half-staff for another couple weeks.

Boy that Scott sure is one nice fellow!

Here's how they actually ruled on the fee issue:
[W]e agree with the Second District that section 768.26 applies even in those circumstances where a wrongful death claim is settled pre-suit and disapprove the Third District’s decision in Perez to the extent that it holds that the statute does not apply where no action for wrongful death has been filed or litigated.

And here's their reasoning:
This application of the statute is consistent with the stated legislative intent that the Act be “liberally construed.” § 768.17, Fla. Stat. (2005). Additionally, this furthers the public policy favoring settlement of disputes without litigation where possible.
Who knew?

I sense heightened, nay furious activity in the gym/mechanical room as news filters down to the bunker.  Good thing those toilets are bolted down tight.

And people, please -- don't fight over the freshly donated, pre-owned Thighmaster!


  1. They'll be out of business soon.


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