3d DCA Watch -- Professor Swan, RIP.

Sad day inside the bunker.....

Austin Bldg. v. Rago:

This will sound crazy, but apparently there are contractors in Coral Gables who may not be fully licensed.

Swan v. State Farm:

Professor Swan, RIP.

Judge Schwartz writes in special concurrence:
Like the trial judge, I am disconcerted by a situation in which Professor Swan’s estate receives the exact amount of UM coverage in return for an increased premium that he would have had if he had not paid it. However, after a long and arduous search, I have been unable to find a principled way to avoid that result.  The applicable statutory and case law is just what the majority says it is.
You meant a great deal to a great many of us, and you will live on in the hearts and minds of the many thousands of lawyers you mentored over the years.


  1. Does anybody know what became of the dirt-bag who killed Prof. Swan?

  2. I remember him blustering into the class room and barking WHAT'S ALL THIS ABOUT FROTHINGHAM?!?!

    Good man.

    Good professor.


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