Always Be Nice to Your IT Guy.

It's Monday, a day where there is so much to do and so little interest in doing it.

What to write about?

We have Carlos Loumiet and several others leaving Hunton for DLA Piper.

This is my favorite part of that story:
A Hunton attorney who did not want to be identified said that no announcement had been made by the firm about the departures. The departing attorneys' names and biographies were removed from Hunton's website.
Of course!  Your fellow partners and associates are always the last to know.

Better start checking your firm's bios daily.

But at least macher Marty Steinberg had a quick retort and was fully prepared to address the mighty Julie Kay on the unannounced departures:
Marty Steinberg, Hunton's managing partner in Miami, declined comment on the departures, saying, "you'd have to ask the lawyers themselves."
I would, but their emails are down!

In other news, here is a truly inspiring story about Judge Altonaga returning to her high school to talk about grad night, dating, how to properly apply an iron-on to a tee shirt, and what going to high school in Miami in the late 70s was really like (hint:  it involved lots of Foreigner):

Wait -- David reports that she apparently talked about important topics such as race, discrimination, gender issues, and tolerance.

Kudos Your Honor for paying it forward.


  1. Carlos should work with Bowman.


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