Good Pesach, the Sequel.

Because the Haggadah is such a facacta crazy document, we get to read it all over again tonight.

(BTW, I've said it before, but the recently restored Arthur Szyk-illustrated Haggadah is a work of shining brilliance and beats the hail out of the Maxwell House edition my family has been using for decades.)

Enjoy the suffering!


  1. I had a guy come up to me yesterday while I was walking to the post office. He says "excuse me, are you jewish?" I say "no." He says "well, we have a holiday and I can't light a fire." He them takes out a cigarette and a lighter and says "would you mind lighting my cigarette for me."

    After acting as his defacto sabbath goy, I walked into the post office and over heard people speaking in Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, and, oddly enough, English.

    I love Miami!

  2. The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.


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