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What's happening in Tally vis-a-vis our court system?

Let's take a look:
[T]he committee later at that meeting approved a constitutional amendment splitting the Supreme Court into separate criminal and civil supreme courts, approved a bill to implement that amendment if it’s approved by voters, approved another amendment requiring Senate confirmation of the governor’s district court of appeal and Supreme Court appointments, and approved a bill to completely remove the Bar from the appointment process for judicial nominating commissions and increase the governor’s control over JNCs.

At an earlier meeting, the committee approved other proposed constitutional amendments that would have the Legislature take control of court procedural rules from the Supreme Court and require DCA judges and Supreme Court justices to receive 60 percent approval in their retention elections.
 In related news, people really should learn to vote their interests:
The Florida House of Representatives approved a bill in March that would establish the deepest and most far-reaching cuts in unemployment benefits in the nation. Like the law signed in Michigan on Monday, the measure would reduce the number of weeks the unemployed could collect benefits from the standard 26 weeks to 20. 

But the House proposal in Florida — in a high-unemployment state that already has some of the lowest benefits — takes it one step further by tying benefits to the unemployment rate. If the rate falls, so do the number of weeks of benefits. If the rate dips below 5 percent, the jobless would collect only 12 weeks of benefits, the lowest level. 

This has workers worried in Florida, where the unemployment rate, while continuing to inch down, is 11.5 percent, considerably higher than the nation’s rate of 8.9 percent.
It's all good, peoples!


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