Help Restock 3d DCA Gym/Mechanical Room With More Useless Junk!

I had every intention of heading down to UM Law School to watch Mr. Aronfeld regale the childrens on how he won friends and graduated law school with zero job prospects.

Actually, he will be reading excerpts of his new book, Make It Your Own Law Firm, which I am sure will make for a very informative lecture.

Note to Spence -- bring props!

But then I realized tomorrow is the 3d DCA Annual Spring Seminar, so Spencer please accept my regrets.

And what better time than Spring to spruce up the 3d DCA's collection of old, donated gym equipment for their exercise/storage area/mechanical room/robing staging facility?

Don't you think they deserve new (to them) old, donated gym equipment?

So break out your partially-broken ThighMaster or your seductively entrancing, heavily-used Shake Weight, and bring it on down to the bunker tomorrow afternoon.

I'll have a booth set up outside collecting your worthless old crap pre-used judicial exercise equipment.

In my case I plan to part with my treasured Fushigi ball, which has brought me many hours of delight, especially during boring depositions.

I fully expect to see Judge Shepherd master the advanced Enigma move before my next oral argument -- that guy's a quick study.

See you all tomorrow!


  1. on a roll today

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