Hey Ma, I Finally Made the Pages of Adult Video News!

Like many of you, I have my daily morning reading rituals -- the Herald, the NYT, WSJ, Adult Video News.....

Oh, I see "PRON:  The XXX Parody" finally hits the shelves on Thursday -- it's really about time.

Hey, what do you know -- here's a story that features our own Stuart I. Grossman, defending local porn producers Reality Kings against allegations of using an underage worker, in a story first broken by New Times' Gus Garcia-Roberts:
“Plaintiffs allegations attempt to paint a picture that Defendants somehow took advantage of or conspired to take advantage of C.S. Nothing could be farther from the truth,” he wrote. “Defendant has been dragged into this lawsuit because of the misrepresentations C.S. made regarding her age to various state and federal agencies and Defendant. Specifically, C.S. procured a valid Nevada driver’s permit with her picture on it which said she was nineteen and identified her as Tyler Chanel Evans.” She also fraudulently procured a social security card in the same name, the motion contends, and has since been arrested in Nevada for, among other things, possession of a false license.

But for this criminal activity by C.S.,” the motion states, “she would never have been able to mislead defendant.” The motion then outlines a litany of problems with the plaintiff’s use of Florida statutes that fatally undermine the complaint, and asks the court to dismiss the complaint with prejudice.
You can read the complaint filed by Weston's Mark A. Glassman and Stu's motion to dismiss (which is more like an sj motion) here.

The case is before Judge David Miller.


  1. The suit is garbage.

  2. Funny...that kind of looks like Scotty D.

    And the whole subtle title thing.



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