Judge Gold Blasts Governor Scott on Everglades Restoration!

Judge Gold unleashes both barrels and rips Governor Scott (though he's not alone) for the State's destruction degradation "restoration" efforts to save the Everglades:
There is no possibility of reversing the damage that has been done to the Everglades, and there is only the chance to preserve what remains in its current state. This is nothing new to the parties. I have set forth the extensive procedural history of this case and litigation over the Everglades, the utmost importance of the Everglades as a national treasure, and the dire need to act immediately in my prior orders. See e.g., [ECF Nos. 323, 404]. I take this opportunity now to once again reiterate and incorporate by reference the significant efforts made in those orders to emphasize just how imperative it is for the parties to focus their efforts on making real and actual steps and act on their promises and representations. In order to effectuate this Court's prior and final orders, and to avoid allowing the parties to frustrate any opportunities to do so, I have determined that a key component of this matter through the means of the permitting procedure, must now be a focus of the EPA. To not find in this manner will simply amount to sanctioning the repeated failures of non-action by the parties.
 Order here.

Oh Rick Scott, you are truly our King Midas in Reverse.


  1. I would prefer to comment on Gleason response and big black C&^%s; but you're on a roll this week, kind sir.

  2. Wonder if he drafted that order in a strip club?

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