Listen to Local Lawyers Give Impressions!

Boy I miss Fred Travelena.

I mean, no one rocked the Tonight Show or the Jerry Lewis Telethon with a better impression of Sammy Davis or Wayne Newton than big Freddie, RIP.

Well if you want to hear local lawyers do some of their favorite impressions then tune in at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays on AM radio 880:
"The Lawmen Show" is a call in talk show featuring three attorneys with their live impressions of legal issues and business news, sometimes controversial and sometimes it's just fun. 
Sounds fun -- here's my impression of Iqbal!

And here's my impression of Venetian Salami!
The attorneys are careful to explain to callers that they are only offering their impressions during short phone calls...
Right, do not confuse their wicked impression of Judge King with the real thing!


  1. You are a character.

  2. They bought their own show. Are you listening Aronfeld?o


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