Randazza Enters Lynn Dannheiser/Surfside Dispute.

Marc Randazza's law firm comes to the defense of Surfside bloggers who have been criticizing Surfside City Attorney Lynn Dannheiser and her recommendation to hire Gerry Houlihan.

Lynn's speech denouncing bloggers is already a must-see (part one is above).

Marc's work -- including his epic takedown of Glenn Beck -- is much admired in these parts, and I'm glad to see his firm helping out.

Lynn's letter to Marc's firm is offbeat, to say the least.

It starts by saying she's never heard of these guys and maybe they're related to a restaurant in Coral Gables?

Always a respectful way to begin.

Check out Randazza attorney Jason A. Fischer's reply, which has all of the trademark Randazzoa snark:
As a final point, we are obviously not affiliated in any way with Randazzo’s Little Italy restaurant in Coral Gables. Though we are well acquainted with that establishment’s quality cuisine. We presume that you were simply trying to make some kind of joke – one which nobody found particularly amusing, but one which was quite illustrative of the clear failure on your part to appreciate the seriousness of the charges that are being leveled against your employer. We trust that, should you continue to advise Town Commission on matters of constitutional compliance, you will crack fewer jokes and more volumes of case law.


  1. mark randazzo makes the best sunday gravy.

  2. You're forgetting those luscious meatballs!

  3. What is underneath it all?

    Town officials have adamantly refused to comply with the Town Charter and as a result we have not been allowed to have a referendum - no public votes - on critically important matters such as:

    -- dozens of no-bid contracts given out, siphoning off & depleting the town’s savings

    -- the needless demolition and destruction of the beautiful, historic Community Center

    -- the expenditure of millions of dollars of town savings (far more than is being admitted to by Town Hall) for demolition and to build a new and smaller Community Center with no Auditorium or Library, to be run on a deficit basis

    -- the sell-out and complete changing of the Town's zoning code to vastly increase allowable development, density and congestion

    -- the Town going into debt for 16 million dollars plus 9 million in interest and fees to replace the entire water and sewer system to expand capacity for future development in Bal Harbour and Surfside while simultaneously soaking Surfside residents with enormously increased, oppressive water and sewer bills

    Surfside is being run far more like a dictatorship than as a participatory democracy. Town officials provide cover for the drain of town money, and they let developers write zoning laws to suit their agenda. Special interests manipulate all official decisions.


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