Real Headline -- Miami Lawyers to Give Away Free iPad on Facebook!

Oh the iPad, when will it ever end?

Is there any more deadly a discussion than the relative benefits of an iPad, and how lawyers can possibly use them productively?

Strike that, on second thought I would add the pros and cons of a particular school your kid may or may not go to, which food truck truly serves the best fish taco, and any topic of any kind that includes the word "webinar."

Add Facebook to the mix and you have flatlined as far as I'm concerned.

In walks the PI lawyers at FerrerShane:
Over on Facebook we're giving away a free iPad to one lucky winner as soon as we hit 1,000 fans. (So click "like" if you want a chance to win!)
Why are a bunch of Miami attorneys doing a free iPad giveaway?

In all honesty -- and this is the only truthful answer we could give you -- we want to get our name out there as far and wide as possible. What business doesn't? And Facebook is a great way to do that.

Plus, we can't think of many devices on the market today that are better than the iPad. Tablet computing is steadily improving and many lawyers are beginning to incorporate tablet computing technology into their law practices. In fact, we predict traditional laptop computing as we know it today will become obsolete over time.

Which brings us to the second reason we're giving away an iPad on Facebook: we understand the appeal these devices hold for both lawyers and general users. The iPad keeps people up-to-date and - if used correctly - efficient and productive.
Do you "like" this approach, or does it make you want to "poke" somebody in the eye?

Feel free to let us know and we may give away an old Selectric typewriter, which I understand is simply revolutionizing the modern legal practice.


  1. This won't really have success, I believe this way.


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