Someone Please Buy Andrew Jackson a Postage Scale!

Delray Beach lawyer Andrew Jackson, who recently moved into beautiful new offices in Delray Beach, suffered a devastating consumer purchasing defeat at the hands of the evil empire Office Depot:

But lawyer Andrew Jackson couldn't find the postage scale he needed on a recent visit to the Delray Beach store, though he bought other office supplies.

He also wasn't able to get a document double-bound on his last visit. Jackson asked the store manager about it and was assured the store now had the needed equipment.
This shall not stand!  

I am reaching out to the South Florida legal community to correct this absurd miscarriage of injustice.

You can purchase Andrew a nice new postal scale here, or here, and tell him that South Florida lawyers know how to get together for a truly just -- even righteous -- cause.

Now if we could only do something about these nudnicks in Tally royally mucking up the court system.


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