Waste Five Minutes of Your Life and Vote For Me Repeatedly.

No, not for some industry self-congratulatory thing like Florida's Legal Elite, Super Lawyers, or South Florida Legal Guide (though it's nice to help others when they request it), but for something even more important: The Sun-Sentinel's Best of Blog Awards!

Can you believe we're nominated under the "News" category?

Well that's just.....SIMPLY AMAZING!

Actually, it's not meaningless -- I see a lot of my blogger buddies are nominated (SFDB, Random Pixels, Big Carlos, the talented and lovely Tropic of Mom, Eye on Miami etc.) so we appreciate very much being part of such a great group.

And you should vote for them all.....often, as that's apparently how one wins this thing -- just like in the Florida Bar runoff.

(Note to Florida Bar -- I'm joking.)


  1. I voted for Skip twice.

  2. News? Yeah you and Jon Stewart!

  3. i tried to vote, i couldn't get it to work. they said i was registered already(and then they put me in a loop). you don't need an award to know you are good.

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