Welcome, ABA Section of Litigationites!

Are you getting your CLE credits over at the Fontainebleau today like a good little corporate litigator?

That's right -- all the ABA Section of Litigation lawyers who convinced their firms to pony up the dough are enjoying coffee and shaking off hangovers over on Miami Beach even as we speak.

Boy I sure hope Lexis/Nexis has a booth -- and they do!

Well, try to have some fun anyways.

And remember:  if you wind up having too much fun, you'll want to scan this guy's card into your smart phone.

(Just watch the video and you'll see what I mean.)


  1. Clip gets better and better.

  2. It never gets old. One of the cheesiest and most embarrassing legal commercials I've seen. The poor wife sits there as though it's her job to just "look pretty for the camera." The B-roll footage is classic -- let's see how many times we can catch him walking out of a building at a quick pace. The whole thing SCREAMS "dou__-bag!" Then again, I'd expect nothing less from Miami.

  3. At least he's honest that he can't handle any major crimes.

  4. My favorite part is when his wife interrupts him and blurts "twenty-four, sevvveeeennnn" and he sort of gives her a patronizing nod and smirk like "shuuttt the fuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuup"!

  5. BTW, check out today's Fla Sup Ct dog sniff case. a great read

  6. Does it remind anyone on the wife situation in that movie, The Other Guys.

  7. actaully, he is NYC, not Miami....

    just sayin'


  8. I consider everyone ought to browse on it.


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