Who is the Mystery Lawyer From South Florida Known as "Tiki Al"?

There is a Miami lawyer named "Al," hanging out at Fort Lauderdale's legendary Mai-Kai, who is hopelessly, shamelessly addicted to 50s era Polynesian kitsch:
But during the Hukilau in June, everything's pumped up a notch.

That's when Fort Lauderdale gets the vintage-clad crowds, cocktail seminars, tiki vendors galore and a constant soundtrack of retro surf and lounge music. During a recent Hukilau, DJ Lounge - aka Laura Taylor - conjured a bubbly Barbarella world, while the Stolen Idols - fronted by her husband, Drew Farmer - played lush jazz "exotica". My wife, in her tallest go-go boots, stomped and bent to Los Straitjackets' hyperactive renditions of King of the Surf, Sleepwalk and The Magnificent Seven. "You know what this tiki culture is?" a Miami lawyer friend, Al, asks during an introspective moment by the pool. "I think it's like goth for middle-aged people."
Oy vez rock-a-hula baby!

Who could this mystery "Al" be?

Hmm, I have no basis at all to suggest this, but could it possibly be Al Cardenas?

Alan Kluger?

Alan Fertel?

C'mon people, help me out here!

(Someone has suggested A[..]lberto Jordan but I can't confirm that at this time.)


  1. The man's name is NOT "Alberto Jordan," it is "Adalberto Jordan."

  2. You can call me Al ... I'd like to hang out at the Mai Kai sometimes.

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