Best Man For the Job.

Let's see, if I were the Governor and wanted to appoint someone to the South Florida Water Management District, which oversees an annual budget in excess of $1 billion(!), who would be my ideal candidate?

For sure I'd want someone who has never belonged to any organization -- ever -- that works on environmental or water issues.

I'd definitely want someone who is opposed to the historic purchase and restoration of 27,000 acres of Everglades currently owned by U.S. Sugar.  In fact, I'd want someone who was a featured speaker at a protest rally against the purchase.

I'd want someone who runs a Tea Party organization that is opposed to all environmental regulation and may possibly be a stealth front group for special interests.

I'd want someone who wants to slash the water district's budget so it can't do anything to help the Everglades.

I most certainly would want someone opposed to any regulation of greenhouse gases, and who wants to repeal the cap-and-trade regulatory program that reduces greenhouse gas emissions from electric utilities.

I'd want someone who heads a political organization that won't disclose its big-money donors:
Jumping into this political fight and mimicking the arguments of Florida Crystals is the not-for-profit Tea Party in Action, out of Boynton Beach. The group has produced a 30-second spot attacking Gov. Crist and the deal. Under Florida law, the group doesn't have to identify its donors. In an interview, Tea Party in Action Chairman Jim Moran refused to do so. So much for the tea party hating politics as usual.
Yes sir, I'd want Boynton Beach estate planning attorney Jim Moran!

Congratulations Florida.


  1. Lord Voldemort rocks!

  2. Come on SFL, let's get the important stuff up. W

    ith the resignation of Barzee Flores, the new hottest judges are:

    1) Wolfson
    2) Bernstein
    3) Miller (Bronwyn)

  3. Duh, this is par for course. I'd be suprised if he appointed someone actually qualified.

  4. Let's at least have a little truthiness in advertising. Change Florida from "The Sunshine State" to "The State of Stupid".

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